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release agent Syn B 32, concrete release agent based on vegetable oil

Syn B 32 is a release agent for concrete based on vegetable oil and paraffinic process oil that is used in the precast/prefab concrete industry. The Syn B 32 has additions on a plant basis taking into account protection of people and the environment. The concrete release agent B 32 contains no solvents and is a universal product for concrete industry.

Syn B-32 provides a smooth concrete surface for proper application and processing and ensures a clean mold. This applies to both traditional concrete, self-compacting concrete and high-strength concrete. The Syn B 32 can be applied to the mould box of (lacquered) wood, steel and plastic. Always test beforehand you work with a different mould box. Apply the cleansing oil by spraying. By spraying, a thin, even film layer is created. Approximately 1 liter of Syn B 32 can be used for 40 m2 of surface.

The Syn B 32 can be kept for 2 years in a sealed container if it is kept cool and frost-free.

Syn B 32 is available in packs of:

1 liter bottle, 5 liter can, 20 liter can, 210 liter drums or 1,000 liter container.

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