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Rigid polyurethane casting foam, R-8, dichtheid 8-20 lb/ft³

Poly Foam R-8 is a two component rigid polyurethane casting foam. This self-skinning and  “free-rise” material has a free rise density of 8 lb / ft³ (128 kg / m3), but must have a density of 8 to 20 lb / ft³ (128 – 320 kg / m3) to achieve good surface detail and foam filling. In general, PolyFoam products must be cast in silicone molds from SG C-sill® or PlatSil® / Eurosil®.

Coatings (for example, a quick-drying paint primer) can be applied to silicone molds for pouring the foam mold into preformed molds. This creates a coating on the foam. This coating can also be of a polyurethane rubber. These foams can also be used in molds of Poly 74 and 75-series polyurethane molded rubber coated with sealers / release agents.

The Poly Foam R – Rigid is available in various hardnesses, R-2, R-5 and R-8. The PolyFoam is also available in flexible foams the F-3 and F-5.

Poly Foam is available in sets of 1.9 kg.

Larger packages on request sets (9 kg, 36 kg, or drum packages).

Packaging: 2 KG (2 x 1 KG), Set 10 kg, Set 36 kg
Mix Ratio: 1A:1B
Viscosity (cP): 1100 cP
Cream Time: 45 sec
Rise Time: 2 (min.)
Tack-Free Time: 3 min.
Ontvorm tijd: 10-15 (min.)
Type product: Polyurethane foam


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