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Roller Press 500, manualy thermoplastic cutting machine – discontinued

The roller press is used for precise trimming of thin-walled vacuum forms, e.g. clear blister packaging, inlays and displays. The vacuum forms are placed in a custom cutting mold. Then a cutting board is placed on top, after which the mold is moved by the machine between the rollers with a considerable cutting force.

The finished part is neatly cut from the surrounding scrap material, leaving a flange that can be used for sealing to a backing board if necessary. The distance between the rollers is adjustable using a crank, giving you a range of 5mm – 125mm.

The main advantage of this process is a clean and accurate cut in thin materials that are usually less than 1 mm thick. This useful addition to the supporting range is ideal for use with the manual vacuum forming machines. The manual roller press does not require a power supply. It is a very safe and easy machine to use and maintain.

Single Phase Power Requirements: N/A
Europe – 3 Phase Power Requirements: N/A
USA – 3 Phase Power Requirements: N/A
Max absorbed power: N/A
Compressed air:  N/A
Working surface: 500mm / 19.5″
Maximum production heigh: t125mm / 5″
Machine width: 830mm / 32.5″
Machine depth: 1350mm / 53″
Machine height: 1200mm / 47″
Net machine weight: 65kg / 143lbs


Information Sheet MRP 500


Roller Press 500, hand manually operated cutting machine for post vacuumforming.

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