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Semi-permanent sealer and release agent, PolyCoat

PolyCoat Sealer & Release Agent is a semi-permanent sealer and release agent with a low viscosity that leaves a thin layer of silicone behind. The PolyCoat can be brushed out and applied to a model with a spray. The solvent-bearing material evaporates leaving a thin layer of silicone release agent. Depending on the temperature, humidity and porosity, the agent must be dried between 30 minutes and 16 hours. Make sure the PolyCoat is fully cured before applying a rubber or casting resin.

By leaving a dry silicone coating an extra release agent is not necessary and is not necessary in almost all cases.

For making molds: Apply PolyCoat to porous or non-porous models when making polyurethane and platinum-cured silicone rubber molds. Because PolyCoat leaves a dry, cured silicone coating on a surface, it can be used without additional release agent. This can be very economical when making a mold of polyurethane rubber, because the silicone sealer does not release during unloading.

For casting: PolyCoat can therefore be used against the aging of silicone molds of Eurosil and PlatSil® addition silicones and the TinSil® condensation silicones to improve performance and extend their useful life. The PolyCoat leaves a very thin layer of silicone and can therefore be applied very well to a hardened polyurethane mold. This ensures the good release for polyurethane resins and foams when pouring.

NOTES: The curing time varies between 30 minutes and 16 hours, depending on the temperature, humidity and porosity of the model; Ensure that PolyCoat is fully cured before applying liquid rubber or plastic. In the case of very porous surfaces, several layers of PolyCoat can be applied and provide a drying time of approximately 15-20 minutes for each layer. Sufficient coverage must be provided for the sealer, but not too much as is often done with release agent, if you lose too much details. When brushing the polycoat, make sure that the brush stripes are no longer visible when it gels. It helps to let the Polycoat drip off the surface so that the excess material is gone.

Do not use PolyCoat to seal plaster. Gypsum models tend to swallow the solvent aggressively in pores and the curing process may be slow or incomplete, leaving some residual solvent, which may interfere with the curing of certain rubbers.

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