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SG Algin Blue, Slow set Alginate for bodycasting 2KG

The SG Algin Blue is a slow set alginate product of Gilalgin H. The SG Algin has a very fine detail reproduction with a worktime of 7-8 minutes. The Alginate has been specially developed for bodycasting and lifecasting applications. This alginate gel is easy to process with water at 23 °C with the following mixing ratios:

1: 1 Powder / water for small parts
1: 2 Powder / water for small parts
1: 3 Powder / water for large parts
1: 4 Powder / water for small parts

The SG Algin Blue are avilable in packages of 2 KG. Please contact is for bulk quantities or take a look at the alternative Gilalgin H bodycasting alginate.

Packaging: 2 KG (2 x 1 KG)
Working Time (min): 7-8
Color: Blue

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