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SG Epoxy 435, for laminating applications like mould shells.

SG Epoxy paste SGEP 4352 is a glass fiber reinforced epoxy laminate kneading paste for use as a back filler for supporting resins and rubber in combination with epoxy gelcoats and flexible casting resins. After mixing both components, a very even but thick consistency is achieved. SG Epoxy 435 is formulated for use in, for example, injection tools (RIM tools), foundry cartridges, molds and fixtures, copy models and large negative and positive models, control stencils and also very useful with support molds and support caps. The Epoxy paste cures to a Shore D 75-80.


  • easy to mix by hand
  • easy to apply to vertical surfaces
  • easy to roll out for a perfect layer
  • good thick consistency

The SG Epoxy 4352 cures at room temperature (15 – 25 ° C). Depending on the after hardening and the amount of the material, the hardening time is 24 hours.

Mixing ratio: 100A: 8B (by weight)
Pot life (min.): 60-120
Demoulding time: 24 hours
Hardness (Shore D): 75-80
Tensile strength MPa: 8.0-12.0
Elongation at break %: <2.0
Flexural Strength MPa: 25.0 – 30.0
Flexural Modulus MPa: 3200 – 3500
Linear Shrinkage by 500 x 50 x 10mm %: <0.05
Packaging: 21.6 KG (20 kg A + 1.6 gram B), 5.4 KG (5 kg A + 400 gram B)


SGEP 4352 must be mixed with hardener of SGEP 4352 according to the indicated mixing ratio. The two components must be thoroughly mixed by hand or machine (eg Dough Mixer) to a uniform consistency and then applied in even layers not less than 12 mm and not deeper than 25 mm thick. Avoid large air holes and crevices. The use of a roller ensures an even layer thickness of 12 – 25 mm, avoiding unnecessary exotherm and creating a stable structure of the epoxy. Protect your hands with rubber gloves when handling this epoxy 4352.



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