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SGPU 22015, polyurethane resin slow, Shore D 70

Slow Curing Polyurethane Resin Shore D 70, SGPU 22015

The SG 22015 slow curing polyurethane casting resin is a slow variant of the fast curing casting resin SG 140 or SG 2000L that can be used for many applications. This HS (high strength) unfilled resin is perfect for making molds, models, control models, prototypes, negative and positive models, casting molds and boxes, casting patterns and tools! The easy to mix 1A:1B by weight (100:88 by volume) resin has a Shore D 70 hardness. The SGPU 22015 is a casting product with a low viscosity of 60 mPas and a 10-15 minute pot life at 200 grams of processing. The curing or demold time is between 3-5 hours.

The SGPU 22015 is a yellowish product and lends itself well to processing it with color pigments or bronze powders. Finishing the cured material is also an easy option. The SGPU 22015 urethane is a room temperature curing (RTV) polyurethane material.

Processing time comparable products:

  • SG 140 – 2,5 – 3,5 minutes
  • SG 2000 L – 7 – 8 Minutes
  • SGPU 22015 – 14 – 18 Minutes

Packaging: Set 2 kg, Set 10 kg, Set 50 kg
Hardness (Shore D): 70 (±13)
Color: yellowish transparent
Mix ratio: 1A:1B by weight (100A:88B by volume)
Processing time (min.): 10-15
Curing time (hours): 3-5
Flexural strengthMPa: 50(±5)
Elongation at break (bending)%: 7.3 (±0.5)
Modulus of elasticity (bending) MPa: 1200 (±200)
Impact resistance according to CharpykJ/m2: 30 (±5)
Compressive strength MPa: 36 (±5)
Heat resistance °C: 72 (±2)
Product Type: Polyurethane Resin



Stir both components A and B separately until the viscosity can be compared with each other before you pour these A + B together. When using filler, first stir both materials well and then mix with filler. If you have not worked with these materials before, first stir the filler with 1 component well and only then mix the components. For thin casting thicknesses of < 3 mm, we recommend using another product such as the EasyFlo or SG 140 .

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