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SGPU 376 slow, prefilled and heat resistant pu resin

The SGPU 376 slow resin is an aluminum pre-filled polyurethane resin that can withstand high temperatures. The SGPU 376 slow is the slow version of the SGPU 376, a fast curing heat resistant uretahane casting resin and has a small shrinkage despite the fast curing. Due to the high temperature resistance and the possibility of high gloss polishing, this filled polyurethane resin is often used in the production of vacuum forming tools (molds).

The SGPU 376S has a processing time of 10-12 minutes with a demold time of several hours depending on the cast material.

The SGPU 376S (slow) is a slow variant for processing larger models. The SGPU 376 (processing 4-5 min.) Can be used for smaller products and castings. The SGPU 376 Slow is packed per Set 8.05 kg (7 kg + 1.05 kg).


  • Exceptionally low shrinkage
  • Easy to polish
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Little or no sediment / sediment
  • Does not react / brake on the carbon fibers
  • The SGPU 376 has a mix ratio of 100A: 15 B.

Packaging: Set 8.05 kg
Mixing ratio: 100 A: 15 B.
Hardness (Shore D): 82
Processing time (min.): 10-12 min.
Demoulding time: 6-8 hours at 1 kg / 50 mm
Demoulding time: 4-6 hours at 5 kg / 50 mm
Colour: Grey
Density: 1.65 g / ml (mix)
Viscosity (cP): 1500 mPa.s
Viscosity (cP) A: 6000-7500 mPa.s
Viscosity (cP) B: 100 mPa.s
Linear shrinkage: 0.13% * (500 x50 x 10mm)
Glass Transition Tg (DSC): 100-110 oC
Type of product: Polyurethane resin / urethane casting resin SGPU 376S
* Shrinkage can increase up to 0.55% after prolonged vacuuming at high temperatures.


First, thoroughly mix the resin component (A) to homogenize the light sediment and properly supply the filler with the resin. Mix gently, avoid trapping air when mixing Part A. Add the hardener (Part B) to the filled resin (A) and mix both components thoroughly until well mixed. The mold must be clean, dry and treated with release agent Pol-Ease 2300 prior to casting. Polish if necessary to obtain the desired surface finish. Release agent is not necessary when using a silicone mold. Always test first if the PU adheres to the mold you are using.

Slowly pour the mix into one place in the mold and let the material run out on its own. Make sure pouring is done within the stated processing time of the material. For larger castings it may be necessary to cast consecutive layers. Pour the next coat while the previous coat is still tacky and not fully cured, as better adhesion is achieved without any witness lines visible.

Let it cure for a minimum of 4-6 hours at room temperature and a thickness of 50 mm / 5 kg volume before removing the cast model from the mold or 6-8 hours at a thickness of 50 mm with a volume of 1 kg. Demoulding times will vary with the thickness of the casting. If you have time, let the model sit in the mold as long as possible, especially when casting thinner parts.

Like many unfilled and filled PU resins, the SGPU S can be machine treated. Also pre-drilling air channels and holes for vacuum molds.

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