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Sikadur 32 Normal, 2-K epoxy primer

The SikaDUR 32 Normal is an epoxy-based adhesive primer for additional bonding and bonding of polyurethane rubber and resin, for example, on concrete / cement, natural stone, ceramics, mortar, stone, wood, glass, polyester, steel, iron, aluminum etc. This adhesive primer is unique because of its moisture tolerance, which makes it easier to obtain a strong bond in damp surfaces.

Advantages of the Sikadur 32 Normal:

  • Suitable for dry and damp concrete surfaces
  • No shrinkage when cured
  • The material is easy to mix and apply
  • High bond strength
  • Very good adhesion to many building materials
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good chemical resistance

The Sikadur 32 Normal can be used as a structural bonding agent and adhesive for concrete elements (including bonding between old and new concrete), hard natural stone, ceramics and fiber cement
mortar, stone and masonry, steel, iron and aluminum, wood, polyester / fiberglass and epoxy resin material and on glass

Packaging: 5 kg (A+B)
Color:  Grijs (beton grijs)
Mengverhouding: 2A : 1B
Layerthickness: 1 mm maximum
Consumption: ± 1,40 kg/ltr
Processing time: 
bij +10°C ~ 145 minuten
bij +23°C ~ 55 minuten ~ (open tijd: 120 minuten)
bij +30°C ~ 35 minuten ~ (open tijd: 60 minuten)


125,00 excl. VAT

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