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Silicone Gel Shore OO30, Platsil Gel OO30

The Platsil Gel OO is a Shore OO30 (softer than Shore A) silicone gel that is most often used to prosthetic applications and special applications such as special effects. In addition to these applications, it is also used just like the Plastsil gel 10 for making dolls (real dolls) and lifecasting (shaping parts of the human body), special effects, film, theater and TV industry, medical applications for after making of skin layers, lifelike dolls and for making molds. The Platsil Gel OO30 has a processing time of 6 minutes and demold of 30 minutes. By adding Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener, the material can lose its synthetic properties and get a more natural look and feel. PlatSil® Gel-OO Silicone Rubber is a two-part, platinum-catalyzed, liquid silicone system that cures (RTV) at room temperature.

Packaging: Set 2 kg, Set 10 kg, Set 36 kg
Color: White
Hardness (Shore A): Shore OO30
Mix Ratio: 1A:1B (by weight)
Working Time (min): 45
Total Cure (hr): 4 hr
Viscosity (cP): 6.000
Type product: Platinum silicones (addition-cure), Silicon gel

From: 59,00

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