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Siliconen casting rubber Shore A 42 (Eurosil 42 Gray)

The Eurosil 42 medium hard to hard silicone casting rubber with Shore A 42. Two components platinum cured silicone rubber has a smooth and accurate surface for making mould and silicone parts. You can use Eurosil 42 gray for concrete moulds.

The Eurosil 42 is a durable addition silicone and has low shrinkage.

Packing: Set 2 kg, Set 10 kg
Color: Gray
Hardness (Shore A): 41
Mixing ratio: 1A:1B (bij gewicht)
Demoulding / setting (hr): 8
Working (min.): 25
Viscosity (cP): 25.000 (±500)
Treksterkte (N/mm2): 19 (±2)
Breukbelasting (N/mm2): 3.5
Typ product: Platinum silicone (addition-cured)


  • TDS Eurosil 42
  • MSDS Eurosil 42 on request


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