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SiliGlass, glass clear silicone, Shore A 25

Eurosil SiliGlas is a glass clear addition silicone art glass material made for special effects. This material the Eurosil Siliglas has been developed for super clear, glassy rubber castings for special effects and prop applications.

SiliGlas material can also be used for other applications but does not have high mechanical properties such as fracture and tensile strength. SiliGlas has been developed to easily cause shattering so that it looks like broken glass when hit. The broken glass and glass shards or splinters are made of a safe silicone rubber material so that there is no danger for actors and actresses, for example, when using them.

Extra attention: SiliGlas is a fragile and breakable material. When hammered or squeezed, the silicone casting will shatter.

Packaging: Set 2 kg, Set 10 kg
Color: glass clear
Hardness (Shore A): 25
Mix Ratio: 1A:1B (by weight)
Working Time (min.): 75 (1 hr en 15 min)
Cure Time (min): 8 hr.
Viscosity (cP): 200
Density: 0,98

Type product: Platinum silicone (addition-cured), Silicone rubber glass


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