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Vacuum forms in a nutshell. See here the 5 easy steps.

Recently, Schouten Syntec offers something new. Namely versatile vacuum forming. Vacuum molding is unknown territory for most people while it is not that difficult. Your desired template has already been formed in no time at all in five main steps.

Okay, great! But what is vacuum forming?

Let’s start first at the beginning. Vacuum forming are done as the name says. The desired mold is formed by means of vacuum. You put the desired shape down. Place a plastic sheet on this and pull vacuum. The sheet will take the desired shape and you have drawn a mold by means of a vacuum.

Step 1: Place the object.

As seen above, a vacuum forming machine is used for all operations. We start at the beginning like every step. You first place the object in its place where you want to pull the shape. You can get 2 different templates. Namely Positive and Negative templates, Click here, if you want to view this article. Now that you have placed the article, you lower the table and continue to step 2.

Step 2: Insert plastic sheet


If you want something Vacuum formed you need a plastic sheet. You can obtain these in various sizes and shapes from us. Click here to view the assortment. Now that the object you want to thermoform is moved down, we put a plastic plate on this. This plate is placed on the white lines that are measured before you. Then place the frame over it and secure it with the clamps. You are now ready for Step 3.

Step 3: Preheating.

Now that everything is in place, we are going to heat the plastic sheet. This makes the plastic plate liquid and we can pull it at the desired temperature. The heating can be set manually or by a memory program of previous operations. Now it’s just waiting for the tone and your plate is heated. On to Step 4!

Step 4: Shaping Objects

Now that the plate has been heated, we push the oven back to its place and let the object come up. Because the plate is liquid, the object easily passes through the plate and we can go to the last step.

Step 5: Vacuum Pulling

The final step of the entire process. After you have completed step 4, we press the button to pull vacuum. As you notice, the plate takes a nice shape of the object you have placed. Then let the air in again and disconnect the clamps. You have now formed a mould via vacuum.

Video: “What is Vacuum Forming?”

What is Vacuum Forming ?

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