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Inspiring examples of vacuum forming offer the possibility of vacuum forming within your organization

Vacuum forming is used for many applications. Vacuum forming is a simple and fast way to develop plastic products in small production and series production. The plastic molding can be done with many thermoplastics, foams and foils. To present a better picture of the vacuum forming processes and diversity of possibilities, we present various case studies. This examples of the vacuum forming cases in the various sectors makes it very inspiring!

Vacuum forming as a process for innovation within MRI Scanning.

Scientist Karthik, from UC Berkeley – This case shows an innovative development of the use of vacuum forms to improve images in MRI scanning.

Creating a Buzz with Thermoforming, at UC Berkeley: Part 2


Vacuum forming for making 3D relief cards. 

The making of 3D printed relief cards combined with the thermoplastic and vacuum formed sheets by Terraform.

By making a 3D print of a specific geographical area, Billy creates a negative template. He then infuses this with a polyurethane or epoxy resin to produce a positive mold, which can then be formed again and again with the Formech vacuum forming machine.

He uses printed PVC to form over the vacuum forming tool. With this he accentuates the relief areas, rivers and mountain ranges. Using reducing windows, he can produce various panel sizes, reducing waste of energy and materials to a minimum.

As a small, independent company, he has access to standard industrial equipment himself, whereby the Formech 686 also fits neatly in his office.

Creating Relief Maps at Terraform, Galway

Vacuum forming in het education.

Formech vacuum forming systems are used at many educational institutions such as (high) schools and universities throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Europe but also throughout the world. The nice thing about this is that the machines are used for many applications under one roof and where many new applications arise. Not 1 standard machine is used but we see a polarity of desktop models such as the 450DT and the 508DT, but also standing and large systems such as the 508 F, 686, 1372 and fully automated such as the HD versions such as HD686 and HD 750.

At these educational institutions, thermoforming systems are used for various courses and graduation assignments within, for example, the visual arts, architecture, fashion and design, interior design, industrial design and design, development up to the health sciences or food such as chocolate maker and pastry bakers courses.

The great thing about these courses is also experimenting with the tools of various foam products or resins, experimenting with new sheet materials to be formed and experimenting with, for example, new techniques or applications.

Inspiring Students at the University – Universidad Mundial, La Paz.


Inspiring Students at Universidad Mundial, La Paz.

Here they combine CNC milling machines with vacuum forming on a large format Formech 1250 machine for production..

This video below gives a beautiful representation of producing the forming tools in-house using software, cnc milling and 3D printing. A nice way to indicate how the production of large format plastics goes in a qualitative but simple way.

Envisioneers Utilize the 1250 With Digital Fabrication

Apply vacuum form as product design, prototyping and production within a design studio.

Cosmo labs is a good example of “out of the box” thinking with vacuum forming. Here you can clearly see that materials are used that are not standardized as thermoplastic within the vacuum forming process. Combining fabrics with electronics for consumer electronics, among other things.

Product Industrialisation at Cosmo Labs, San Francisco

Combining vacuum forming within the creative sector.

A nice short and concise example of how you can easily use 3D plastic products as art objects.

Soul Spin MKE Forms New Designs with a Spin!

Use vacuum forms for fast, easy and affordable costume solutions within the theater and film industry.

Trestle Theater – Hertfordshire, United Kingdom uses the vacuum forming process and Formech machines to produce in-house costumes and masks. Backstage at Trestle Theater Company, the makers of masks share their process and their story, while involving young people in the art of building trust in true theatrical fashion. Nice and inspiring example!



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