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Water Casting resin High Strength, Poly-Optic 1412

Poly-Optic® 1412 Clear Casting Resin is a two-part, liquid polyurethane resin that hardens (RTV) into a water or glass clear Shore D80 plastic. It is a very strong, heat-resistant plastic designed for casting in heated molds of 80 °C and a post curing of 65 °C. Processing and casting with a higher temperature (about 80 °C) is required to achieve the optimum physical properties. This product has a simple 1A: 1B mixing ratio for both volume and weight.

Vacuum and / or pressurized casting are recommended for this product. Reaction when curing with a condensation silicone such as our SG C-Sil can occur, we advise using the Eurosil silicone for this. The Poly-Optic 1412 can be used very well bright resins with high quality for, among other things, industrial products, educational applications, probs, theater and TV or other artistic applications

In the Poly-Optic category there is also an RTV and faster version the Poly-Optic 1411. The Poly-Optic 1411 ES7 is the RTV slow version of the water-clear resins.

Packaging: Set 2 kg, Set 10 kg
Mix Ratio: 1A:1B
Type product: Polyurethane resin


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