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Water clear casting resin (slow), Poly-Optic 1411 ES7

The Poly Optic 1411 is discontinued for European market. We de have the alternative product Poly Optic 1490 .

The Poly-Optic 1411 ES7 is a slow version of the water-clear polyurethane casting resin Poly-Optic 1411 and has a Shore D 80 hardness. The low viscosity of 600 cP provides easy pourings that must be processed in 400 minutes (6-7 hours). The demold time is after 48 hours.

The 1411 has an easy mixing ratio of 1A: 1B at volume (100A: 90 B by weight) and hard to a clear plastic. Vacuum and / or press-molding techniques are recommended for this product. Reaction when curing with a condensation silicone such as our SG C-Sil can occur, we advise using the Eurosil silicone for this. The Poly-Optic 1411 ES7 can be used well with larger castings for, among other things, industrial products, probes, theater and TV productions or other artistic applications.

In the Poly-Optic category there is also a faster version of the Poly-Optic 1411. The Poly-Optic 1412 variant is a stronger and more heat-resistant resin that needs to be processed with heatable molds of 65 ° C-85 ° C.

Packaging: Set 1.9 kg, Set 9.5 kg, Set 34.4 kg
Mix Ratio: 100A:100 by volume / 100A:90B by weight
Type product: Polyurethane resin

From: 59,0044,50

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