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Bundle XS Precast concrete Mix + modifier, GFRC (fiberglass reinforced concrete), Surecrete

The Extreme series of SureCrete are used as castable GFRC concrete for making countertops, panels and other small and large concrete (design) products. The GFRC concrete XS PreCast is a white castable gfrc cement with additives that come fast to a the extreme strength. The patented GFRC concrete mix is formulated in such a way that the concrete mix is immediately ready for use with all necessary additives such as fiberglass and various resins.

The XS concrete types can be mixed directly with the ready-to-use liquid “modifier” which is tailored to the optimal use and properties. The XS series is easy to color with the available color pigments available in various colors.

The XS Precast is used for casting with a wall thickness between 1.3 and 6 cm. The XS Precast has a fast curing that quickly reaches high strength. The total curing for demold can take place after 4-6 hours.

The Precast GFRC can be ordered in large and small quantities. We supply the GFRC PreCast XS in packages of 5 kg, 10 kg and 23 kg. For large purchase or bulk packaging contact us for a quotation.

The following packaging are available:

  • 22.65 KG mix + 3,8 ltr Modifier
  • 10 KG Mix + 2 x 800 ml modifier
  • 5 kg mix + 800 ml modifier

You can use 2 sets Precast (Mix 22,8 kg + modifier 3,8) for 1 – 1.2 m2 castings.



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