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NPW 800 – 1000, Riello Net Power UPS system

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The NPW Riello UPS NET Power is an emergency power box that ensures that in the event of a power failure there is enough time to neatly store your digital designs and shut down the computer. This means no work is lost. If you also want the 3D printer to continue printing, please contact our customer service so that we can offer you the correct UPS.

The NPW series from Riello is a Net Power UPS system for stabilizing peak voltages and power outages. In production processes in the continuation and stability of power supply important where there is more work with digital processes. Power outages or peak voltages can cause work to be lost during this outage. The Riello UPS systems ensure that you can store important work or that you can continue working temporarily.

The Net Power NPW series is available in different models:

  • NPW 800
  • NPW 1000
  • NPW 1500
  • NPW 2000

The NPW models includes the 600-2000 VA models with digital Line Interactive technology (IV). With this the load will be fed by the mains and there is a deviation in the voltage (amplitude) which will be stabilized by the automatic control unit. The EMI filters will filter overvoltages. In the absence of the mains power, the inverter will give enough time with the help of the Power Shield software to properly close the systems.

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Technical characteristics:

Nominal (input) voltage : 220 … 240 V
Input frequency: 50 … 60 Hz
Number of entry phases: 1
Output voltage: 230 … 230 V
Output frequency: 50 … 60 Hz
Interface type: RS-232 + USB
Number of outgoing phases: 1
Autonomy time: at maximum load 9 minutes
Type: UPS line interactive
Construction type: Table / Vertical
Automatic switch-off function: Yes
Number of outputs: C13 4

NPW 800
Active output power: 480 W
Apparent output power: 800 VA
Dimensions: 100x287x142 mm
Weight 5 kg

NPW 1000
Active output power: 600 W
Apparent output power: 1000 VA
Dimensions: 146 x 350 x 160 mm
Weight 8 kg

NPW 1500
Active output power: 900 W
Apparent output power: 1500 VA
Dimensions: 146 x 397 x 205 mm
Weight 11.1 kg

NPW 2000
Active output power: 1200 W
Apparent output power: 2000 VA
Dimensions: 146 x 397 x 205 mm
Weight 11.5 kg

Riello UPS Net Power NPW 1000 Uninterruptible Power Supply, 800, VA (480W), 1000VA (600W), 1500VA (900W) and 2000VA (1200W),

The Net Power NPW 1000 from Riello UPS is a line of interactive UPS system that protects computers, peripherals and home entertainment equipment against both power outages and mains fluctuations. It offers additional protection with advanced automatic voltage stabilization technology that filters the mains supply and reduces the risk of dips, spikes and blackouts. The Cold Start feature allows the UPS to be turned on without the need for mains power. Standard 5 year extended warranty.

Features and benefits

Simple plug-and-play installation
Compact design fits on desk, shelf or floor
Line-interactive UPS protects against sags, surges and voltage fluctuations
Built-in battery test
Large LCD screen
‘Cold Start’ function enables start-up without mains power
USB and RS-232 connectivity slots
Eligible for Riello UPS 5 year extended warranty


Phone lines/modem connections
Alarm systems
Electric door and access systems


Directive 2004/108 EC
Directive 2006/95/EC
EN 62040-1-1
EN 62040-2 Category C2
IEC 320 C13


Riello UPS NetPower (NPW) - Product Overview

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