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Bonding agent for silicone on aluminum, Adhesive Primer SG4

Primer SG4 is an adhesive for silicones on aluminum. For good adhesion between the aluminum and the silicone (without additives such as oil and without filler).

To process the Primer SG4, it is advisable to treat the surface of the aluminum with soap and water and, if possible, acetone to remove all traces of grease or oil that could prevent adhesion. After drying the surface of the aluminum, apply a thin layer of the liquid primer. After the primer has been applied, wait a few minutes (5-10 min) to allow the solvent to evaporate from the primer and then pour silicone directly onto the surface of the aluminum. Casting the silicone must be processed within 20 minutes. The adhesion of the primer is up to 24 hours after the silicone is poured.

The Primer SG4 is available in bottles of 100 ml and 500 ml.

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