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Within the Audiological application we supply a wide range of impression materials. silicones for the production of various earpieces, 3D print resins for the additive manufacturing / digital production of audiological earpieces and casting molds and other products. We supply all materials from Detax and Pro3dure for this application.

All Detax products are available and can be delivered in Europe and global. A complete overview of materials by the Detax brochure (link) and the common and complete audiology brochure Detax 3D Brochure.

Products for the production of hearing protectors, swimming plugs, standard earpieces and hearing aids for in the ear to the impression materials and cartridge cassette systems.

The materials for the digital production of these hearing protectors and earpieces by means of the 3D printers such as open system Asiga 3D printers, Micraft or other printers. With a wide range of print materials from Detax and Pro3Dure, we offer a complete range of printers, 3d print resin materials to the finishing materials such as lacquers and coatings.

We deliver the most important products of Detax and Pro3dure directly from stock and we ship throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Poland and further in Northern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Southern Europe and out there. The most polar products at the moment are products such as Earflex, Softwear, Freeprint, Luxaprint, Cast 2.0, cast separator, Mold, Shell, Acrylon, Shellac, Addition Inject guns, Futur and more.

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