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Pro3dure GR-12.2, for casting process

The new generative production resin Pro3dure GR-12.2 has been specially developed for the digital production of casting molds for the casting process of polyurethane shells. The Green-Flex modules ensure that the casting molds can be printed extra thin. The light translucency of the material gives the advantage of keeping a close eye on the filling process so that air entrapment and air bubbles can be avoided. The GR 12.2 is light blue in color and can be used very well with the SysTherm® Separator SPT-1.

Packaging: 1000 grams
Color: light blue
Brand: Pro3dure
Light source: <405 nm (405 & 385 nm printers)
Printer technology: DLP & SLA
Application: Audiology


TDS Pro3dure Gr 12.2 licht blue

189,00 excl. VAT

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