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Freeprint® Mould 3D (UV 405nm), , multiple colours

DETAX features the Freeprint as a 405 nm hardening material and the Luxaprint as the 378-388 nm hardening material.

The Detax 3D mould 405nm Freeprint is a light-curing resin for the DLP or SLA 3D printing technique. The Mould is a bio compatible product used for manufacturing ard earmoulds, ITE shells, in-ear-monitoring, and hearing protection

Lower material consumption and easy cleaning of the objects due to a considerably lower viscosity than conventional materials. Maximum reliability of the construction process, even with the best support structures thanks to high initial hardness and strength, suitable for multilevel printing. Very high mechanical bending and breaking strength, without being brittle. Accelerated throughput at short exposure times. Highest transparency, without fillers. Biocompatible and bisphenol A-free.

The Freeprint Mold and Luxaprint Mold are available in bottles of 500 grams and 1000 grams. You can choose from the following colors: clear transparent, pink, red and blue.


  • lage viscositeit
  • hoogste precisie
  • maximale initiële hardheid
  • zeer hoge oppervlaktehardheid
  • optimale uitharding

Color: Clear (transparent), Light beige, Blue, Intens Blue, Red, Rose, Rose-Orange
Packaging: 500 gram, 1000 gram
Light source: UV 378-388nm – Luxaprint® (405 nm – Freeprint®)
Brand: Detax
Application: Audiology
Type of product: 3D print resin material
Medical Device product: Class 2a



luxaprint® 3D mould – Rapid Prototyping UV 378-388 nm

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