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ABS / PP resin for DLP printers, PlasGRAY V2

Asiga’s Plas range materials exhibits exceptional mechanical strength properties together with superior surface finish and detailed definition. PlasGRAY can be printed on a 385 nm (UV) and 405 nm machine and offers a super smooth matt surface finish with sharp product details. The minimum layer thickness of 10 microns must be maintained at the PlasGRAY. The PlasGRAY has a Shore D 82 hardness.

The PlasGRAY can be widely used for models, prototyping, model housing, miniature construction, fixtures, moving models and all other molds of models where ABS or PP-like properties are required.

Color: GRAY
Tensile Strength: 51.1 Mpa
Elongation AT Break: 6.58 %
Elongation AT Yield: 8.40%
Flexural Strength: 86.8 MPa
Flexural Modules: 1910 MPa
Harness (SHORE D): 82 Shore D
Viscosity: 343 mPa s
Glass Transition Temperature: 84°C
Izod Notched-Impact: 4.97 kJ/m²
Density:1.181 g/cm
Packaging: 500 ml, 1 liter
Lightsource: 385 nm – UV, 405 nm
Typ product: 3D print resin




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