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Detax softwear ® 2.0, pink trans. & clear transp. silicone, 8 x 50 ml.

The Softwear 2.0 is a silicone with medical classification in the color transparent and pink. The hardness is available in 40 and 60 Shore A.

Also available in Blue, red, green, yellow (fluorescent), pink (fluorescent) & glow in the dark and in packaging of 2 x 50 ml. Softwear 2.0, 2 x 50 ml, colors.

The Detax Softwear gives maximum detail reproduction, tear and tensile strength with high elastic recovery to the shape. Long-lasting comfort due to soft, flexible fit, skin-friendly & the material is biocompatible.

Softwear cartridges can be used with the Automix 2  mixing gun and the standard mixing nozzles. The standard mixing cannulas are available in pink, yellow and green.

Mixing cannulas for the Softwear are the Yellow (04190) and the Pink (02770) variant

Packaging: Set 8 x 50 ml in clear transparent & transparent rose.

Packaging colours: Set 2 x 50 ml in blue, red, green, yellow (fluorine), pink (fluorine), Night glow on other page
Hardness (Shore A): 40 & 60
Color: pink, blue, green, red, glow in the dark, yellow fluorescent, pink fluorescent
Processing time (min.): 2:30 min.
Mixing ratio: 1A:1B (by weight)
Viscosity (cP): very low
Type of product: Platinum silicone (addition-curing) silicone for flexible ATE earpieces.
Type of certification: medical certification class IIaA



detax softwear® – earmould silicone particularly for the filling of cast forms - EN


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