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Liquid thickening agent, Eurosil thickener 250 gram

Eurosil thickener is a liquid thickening agent for platinum cured silicones such as the Eurosil products. By adding a few drops of thickener, the silicone would be more thixotroper and can be used to make a brush on mold. A small quantity can be applied to the mixed A + B mixture by adding on the basis of experimentation. Ideal additive when, for example, you need to make a mold or shape an object on a ceiling or wall.

The brushable or spatible molds are also often used for making a two-part or three-part mold. The first layer can be applied without thickening agent. This gives you a good coverage of the detailing. a second layer can be applied with a small addition so that a thicker layer but opaque layer can be applied over the entire object and first layer. To see this easily, a color pigment can be processed so that the coverage is clearly visible. A third and often last layer can be applied with an extra addition so that it can easily be applied with a spatula. The third layer often provides more support in the mold. The support is often not sufficient to prevent deformation, for this a support cap or support mold can be made of, for example, plaster (bandage) or polyurethane resin.

The Eurosil thickener is a 250 gram package. ATTENTION: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE!


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