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Riorein, 5 liter.

Riorein is a preventive agent for the removal of accumulations of materials in the drain. The riorein mainly removes deposits of plaster, clay, and sand from drainage systems and sewers. It has a preventive effect and also prevents soot, lime and algae deposition. You can use riorein on the next emanieren for regular maintenance

Drain  –  600 x 4 cm: 1 liter of water
For cooling towers and filters  –  1 liter: 4500 liters of water
Street pits  –  5 liters of water: 4500 of the water flowing through
Discharge systems  –  12.5 liters: 4500 liters of water flow through

Available in 5 liter cans.

61,30 excl. VAT

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