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Condensation silicone Shore A 30, Syntec C30

Syntec C-silicone can be used for mould making of large and small objects. The Syntec C30 a condensation silicone wit high mechanical resistance and properties. The shrinkage is some more then addition silicone like Eurosil.

Syntec C30  C-Sil Shore A 30 is a condensation silicone. This Tin cure silicone has a 100A : 5B mixing ratio with a liquid catalyst. De Condensation silicone is a economical silicone that can be used for one-off molds of moulds with less lifespan then eurosil.

In contrast to the addition silicone, the condensation silicone has a limited shelf life because the hardener exits the silicone. This process starts from the curing process and continues for weeks after curing. This increases the chance of shrinkage over time. For durable molds consult our High quality Eurosil addition silicone materials.

Condensation / tin cured silicone is available in Shore A 10, 20 and 30 hardness.


  • Set 5,25 kg (5 kg A +250 gram B)
  • Set 21 Kg (20 kg A + 1 kg B),
  • Set 210 Kg (200 kg A + 10 kg B) ,

Hardness (Shore A): 27 (± 2)
Color: White
Mix ratio: 100 basis +5 % catalyst
Work time (min.): 50
Demold time (hr): 24
Viscosity (cP): 60.000
Tear strength: 22 N / mm
Tensile strength: 3.5 N / mm2
Density: 1.26 g / cc
Size variation: 0.51% / 0.6% ±
Elongation: 280%
Type product: Tin siliconen (condensatie-uithardend)



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