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Silicone rubbers Shore A10 (Eurosil 10 Orange)

Eurosil 10 Orange is a high quality silicone and widely used for applications of mold making to medical applications. Due to the versatility of materials you can use makes this silicone very popular. The platinum-cured silicone Eurosil 10 Orange has an extremely high accuracy of reproduction of details and surface. Because there is no shrinkage, the molds are extremely durable.

Eurosil 10 silicone can be used for production of soft silicone parts, custom specific products, prototyping and mould making.

Eurosil Orange 10 is remarkable for production with high accuracy reproduction, high dimensional stability and high mechanical strength. That make it perfect for mould and model making with a lot of undercuts but also making of candles. The Eurosil 10 Orange is a bit harder than the known Gummi Bears but softer than normal elastic products.

You can add Eurosil softener to the Eurosil silicone to make the liquid silicone more liquid and get a softer silicone. The Eurosil thickner is an additive to make it more viscous for making brush up molds.

Packaging: Set 2 kg, Set 10 kg
Hardness (Shore A): 10
Color: Orange
Working Time (min): 13-16
Mix Ratio: 1A:1B (by weight)
Total Cure (hr): 1,5-2
Viscosity (cP): 4.000 (±400)
Tear Strength (N/mm2): 3 ±0.3
Tensile Strength (N/mm2): 17 (±1)
Elongation at break: 600 ± 30%
Reproduction accuracy: 2 micron
Type product: Platinum silicones (addition-cure)


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