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Riello UPS IDG Serie, iDialog 400 – 1600 VA

The Riello UPS iDialog is a compact and lightweight UPS system upright tower system that can be easily placed on the floor, on a desk or in a similar environment. The Riello iDialog is therefore simply plug-and-play with no additional installation required. The Riellop UPS iDialog is a quiet design without a fan, which makes the living climate with these ups excellent. No unwanted distraction from work or pleasure due to fan noise thanks to this design which ensures quiet operation. The iDialog is capable of up to 99% operational efficiency and includes a convenient shutdown button to minimize energy consumption during periods of extended inactivity.

It is fully compatible with advanced PowerShield3 communication software, which allows connected equipment to shut down safely.

  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • small and compact
  • Up to 99% efficiency
  • auto restart
  • Quiet due to fanless design

Available as a model:

IDG 400 – 400 VA / 240 W.
IDG 600 – 600 VA / 360 W.
IDG 800 – 800 VA / 480 W.
IDG 1200 – 1200 VA / 720 W.
IDG 1600 – 1600 VA / 960 W

Discover the iDialog (IDG) UPS systems designed to protect equipment or entertainment devices such as home office TVs, PCs and laptops.

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