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Silicone colors

Silicone coloring pigments for addition silicone (Eurosil®  and Platsil®  silicone materials and gels) and for Condensation siliconer (SG C-SIL® en TinSil®) rubbers.

Use up to 0.5% silicone colors to the total mix silicone. Add the color pigments to Comp. B and mix it well. After you can add the colored Comp. to Comp. A. always use the TDS of the materials before use.

Use color pigments for layer up models. you can choose every new layer an other color.

Silicone Pigements available in 100 ml and 450 ml packaging.

Color: Blue, Red, White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Green, Flashtone
Packaging: 100 gram, 450 gram
Type of product: pigment

From: 21,00

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