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Soluble sealer and release agent, Poly PVA Solution

Poly PVA Solution is a water-soluble and removable sealer and release agent in one. Poly PVA solution is available in green liquid to see the coverage. The green PVA solution is ideal for brushing a complex and porous model. If green Poly PVA solution is used, test if there are no stains on the model by using the Poly PVA solution.

MOLD MAKING: Poly PVA solution can be easily brushed with a soft brush over a porous surface that needs to be sealed. It dries within an hour (depending on layer thickness and humidity). The advantage of poly PVA solution is that it can be easily dissolved with water after the mold has been manufactured. The Poly PVA is suitable for both silicone and polyurethane rubber molds, however, additional release agent such as the Pol-Ease® 2300 can be additionally recommended when working with liquid polyurethane rubbers.

CASTINGS: Poly PVA solution can thus be applied to cured polyurethane rubber molds as an intermediate layer (in combination with Pol-Ease® 2300 release agent) and is most commonly used in casting polyester resin and epoxy resin (some resins such as polyurethanes, do not require an intermediate layer). PVA solution must be completely dry before pouring into the mold. We recommend that you use the Poly PVA solution again for each casting before it is poured again. When unloading, the coating comes along with the model.

REMARKS: extra attention: the coating can come along with the release of the model and the model can be affected by the Poly PVA solution. The soluble PVA coating is useful when a model should come back as close as possible to the original, but residues of PVA coating and release agent (when used over the PVA coating) or applying water to a model can be physical properties of the model (such as , color, texture) change slightly. When the PVA-soluble coating remains on the model (and has not been rinsed with water), the agent continues to function as a sealer when another mold is made. Do not use a water-based release agent on a PVA-sealed model as it dissolves the PVA. If the model is to be washed with water, the model must consist of a material that can withstand this and is not affected.

Poly PVA coating is NOT suitable for plaster models. This can affect the plaster models.

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