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Body casting alginate, Gilalgin H

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The Gilalgin H is the most famous body casting alginate from Syntec Shop. The alginate is very precise in the detail reproduction. The alginate with processing is a

The Gilalgin H is the most famous bodycasting alginate from Syntec Shop. The alginate is very precise in the detail reproduction. The alginate is a solid mass with processing that can be applied directly to the skin. The casting of the alginate mold ensures a good and smooth casting.

The mixing ratio is 20 g powder: 40 ml water. The Gilalgin H has a 1 minute processing time with manual mixing. Total working time of the alginate is 4-5 minutes. Shake the powder loose in the bag beforehand so that you get an optimal mixture. Water temperature and any additives in the water in hot and cold weather can change the working process and quality of the alginate powder. The bag can be used for a long time provided that the bag is sealed moisture-free.

An alginate mold has a limited shelf life and should actually be poured fairly immediately. The life of the alginate mold can be shortly extended when it is stored moist, for example with a little water in a closed package. As soon as the moisture emerges, the alginate mold will automatically disintegrate.

Alginate impression material is widely used for bodycasting different body parts such as torso, face, hands and feet. The molding is precise, easy and fast. The alginate mold can be supported with a plaster support mold.

Packaging: 2 bags 1 kg
Packaging: 5 kg bag, 10 kg bag, 20 kg bag,
Bulk: Pallet from 20 x 20 KG
Color: light pink / fleshtone
Mixing ratio: 20 g powder: 40 ml water
Processing time (min.): Mixing time 1 min (manual) / Working time 4-5 min


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