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Supraduro for models, Molds and mold shells.

The Supraduro is a well-known and high-quality plaster for the manufacture of molds, supporting caps, mold shells and for the working forms of ceramic production for, inter alia, sanitary products. The Supraduro can easily be used for rotational molding, decorative plaster models, dental, podological and medical applications. The Supraduro is a Natural gypsum packaged per 25 Kg and can be obtained per piece or on pallets of 1,000 kg (40 units per pallet). The Supraduro is an affordable alternative and much more dignified, less porous and a stronger material than building plaster.


Flexural strength: 6.1 MPa
Compressive strength: 15.0 MPa
Brinell hardness: 25.0 MPa

Packaging: 1 Pallet / 40 pieces (1.000 kg), 1 piece, 10 pieces
Mix Ratio: 62 ml water : 100 gram powder
Instrooitijd: 10-20 sec. (depending on quantity)
Verzadigingsfase: 30 sec.
Mengtijd: 1 – 2 minuten (depending on the batch size)
Giettijd: 10 – 15 min.
Color: natural white
Porievolume: 43,0%
Expansie na 2 uur: 0,24%

From: 22,50

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