Super hard porcelain plaster, Giluform SP10 Brilliant weiss

One of the most popular industrial synthese porcelain plaster from Schouten SynTec is the Giluform series. The Giluform series is an environmentally friendly synthese gypsum powder that gives an excellent liquid mass by adding water. A heavy and beautiful white plaster for plaster sculptures or plaster products.
The advantages of the Giluform SP10:
  • Easy to process
  • Fast curing
  • Baking unnecessary
  • Fine detail view
  • Very hard and break-resistant
  • beautiful white color
Mixing ratio:
Volume: powder: water 3 l: 1 l
Weight, powder: water 4 kg: 1 l
Mixed volume 2.4 l
Processing time 6 min
Termination time 10 min
Hardness above 300 N / mm
Giluform 300 has a longer processing time and is less hard (200 N / mm) than the SP10.

Packaging: 25 KG



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