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Super hard porcelain plaster, Giluform SP10 Brilliant weiss

One of the most common and popular industrial synthesis porcelain plasters from Schouten SynTec is the Giluform series. The Giluform series is an environmentally friendly synthesis gypsum powder that, by adding water, gives an excellent liquid mass for a beautiful casting. A heavy and beautiful white plaster for plaster statues, sculptures, ornaments or other different plaster products in the industrial or medical sector.

The SP10 is the most popular porcelain plaster in the market.

The advantages:

  • Easy to process
  • Fast curing
  • Baking unnecessary
  • Fine detail display
  • Very hard and break resistant
  • Beautiful white color
  • Paintable
  • Easy post-processing possible
  • Ceramic porcelain casting plaster

Mixing Ratio:
Powder volume: water 3 l: 1 l
Powder weight: water 4 kg: 1 l
Mixed volume: 2.4 l
Processing time: 6 min
Binding time: 10 min
Hardness: above 300 N/mm
Packaging: bag 25 kg, pallet 1000 kg (40 x 25 kg).
Bulk / full truck packaging on request

Giluform 350 has a longer pot life and is less hard (200 N/mm) than the SP10
Deliveries of these products are throughout Europe.


Avoid air bubbles by carefully weighing and/or weighing the plaster. By adding more water, the plaster becomes more liquid, but air bubbles are also created.


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