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PETG / G-PET film on rol

The thermoplastic plastic materials PETG / G-PET are also available on a roll. Rolled materials are ideally suited for the larger processing of plastics using, for example, vacuum forming and thermoforming techniques.

PetG -standard format foil on a roll 0.3 mm / 300 μm thickness, 300 mm wide. These rolls are available separately in rolls of 50 kg and are available from stock. The PetG rolls are often used for, for example, the vacuum forming of blister packs, packaging, trays and moulds.

We supply PETG but also all other common PET products such as A-PET, G-PET, C-PET and GAG on sheet and roll in various formats and thicknesses. We supply the PETG film on a roll from 200 μm / 0.2 mm thickness and in roll widths from 300 mm to 1800 mm. The PET materials can also optionally be adapted with colorant, anti-block, anti-static and anti-fog properties. Due to these specific properties, our films are used in various technical, food-safe and medical packaging and through customization for very specific applications.

The PET materials are suitable for food contact due to a super clean production process and the use of 100% rPET flakes. The highest food standards such as the EFSA and FDA are therefore often self-evident.

Contact us for custom production of the film on a roll in the desired dimensions, thicknesses and type.


Standard roll of film from stock and available separately:


Type: PETG / G-PET
Color: Transparent
Certification: Food Safe
Film width: 300 mm
Thickness foil: 0.3 mm / 300 m
Weight: 50 kg

269,00 excl. VAT

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