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Ultra Gloss building Tray – Asiga Pro4K / Max en Max X

UltraGloss material tray for the Asiga Pro 4K is used for 3D printing of transparent and crystal clear materials. Thanks to the UltraGloss trays, the post-processing step of polishing can be omitted. The clear materials are therefore clearly printed thanks to the new UltraGloss trays combined with the new settings in Asiga Composer software and the current firmware on the printer, which ensures a slightly different printing strategy.

These settings and UltraGloss tray can be used on dental, medical, audiological materials from, for example, Detax, pro3Dure (audioprint and printodent), Henkel Loctite, Dreve , but also Asiga Materials and other brands.

For an extensive information overview for the manufacture of dental splints with the 3D technique combined with the Asiga UltraGloss trays, I refer you to the following information overview:

Use the Asiga UltraGLOSS building tray

The UltraGloss resin trays are immediately available for the Asiga Max, Asiga Max X and Asiga Pro 4K. |

Brand: Asiga
Type: UltraGLOSS Build Tray Pro 4K – 2L
Suitable for: Pro 4K and Pro 4K XL

Type: UltraGLOSS Build Tray Max – 1L
Suitable for: Asiga Max and Max X

Application: Material tray for glossy and for polished transparent materials
Contents: 1 ltr / 2 ltr
Packed: single, per piece

From: 98,00

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