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Industrial large size accurate 3D printer-Asiga Pro 4K XL

The Asiga Pro 4K XL variant is a very accurate and large format DLP Liquid 3D printer for the medical sector and industry. This industrial printer is an open material system for the production of various prototypes and end products in both piece production, small and large series production environments.

The Asiga Pro 4K also has the well-known and patented SPS technology. This technology ensures a reliable layer build-up, layer by layer with consistent quality. This technique combined with the Z-axis ensures precision in height and, depending on the materials, a thin layer build-up if desired.

The Asiga Printers have a completely open material system which ensures that there is a wide choice of more than 500 materials with medical certifications and industrial approvals. Highly technical materials such as glass clear products, elastomers, high impact resins to fire resistant materials from chemists and manufacturers such as BASF, Henkel Loctite. Evonik but also well-known medical, dental and audiological material suppliers such as Detax, Pro3dure, Dreve, Bego, DMG, Dneta, Dentsply Sirona, Egger, Henkel, Keystone and many more.

Build Size Asiga Pro PRO 4K45 XL, 32µm: 122×69×400mm.
Build Size Asiga Pro PRO 4K65 XL, 46µm: 176×99×400mm.
Build Size Asiga Pro PRO 4K80 XL, 56µm: 217×122×400mm.

Light source: 385nm – UV, 405nm
Pixel size X,Y / resolution – 4K mode: 32µm, 46µm & 56µm
Pixel size X,Y / resolution – 4K mode: 45µm, 65µm & 80µm
Build volume X, Y, Z: 122 × 69 × 400mm., 176 × 99 × 400mm., 217 × 122 × 400mm
Z-axis height: 1 µm (depending on material)
Material System: Open
Software: Asiga Composer included (liftetime updates included)
Network option: Wifi and Ethernet
File import: STL, SLC & Stomp
Type of product: 3D printer





The Asiga PRO 4K - Productie printer groot volume

Henkel / Loctite Advanced 3D print materials for industry. Solutions, materials, workflow.

Webinar: Advanced industrial material solutions from Loctite 3D printing for Asiga 3D printers

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